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kapaThe King Kamehameha Golf Club is firmly committed in honoring those who have walked before us by creating a cultural sense of place for Members and their guests. The history and significance of Waikapu is brought to life inside and out. Herb Kawainui Kane, Jo-Anne Kahanamoku-Sterling, Puanani Van Dorpe, Rubellite Kawena Johnson, and Dale Zarrella contributed their tremendous talent and expertise to our sense of place.

Dale ZarellaJo-Anne Kahanamoku-Sterling, Hawai'i's finest featherwork artist, created a 6' x 4' feather cape. The colors were chosen to honor the owner of The King Kamehameha Golf Club. This magnificent piece shares the entry gallery to the golf shop.

Kapa master Puanani Van Dorpe immortalized the genealogy of eleven of Maui's chiefs in a series of keiki kapa moe (baby blankets). Each chief receives a personal pattern at birth that identifies his lineage, carefully researched by renowned genealogist and descendant of King Kamehameha, Rubellite Kawena Johnson. The eleven exquisite pieces are displayed throughout the three floors of the clubhouse.

Dale Zarrella faithfully reproduced the look and spirit of the Conch Blower and the Healer in life-size bronze sculptures, commemorating these important positions in Hawaiian society. Dale also contributed carvings of a warrior chief, female royal, and high chief. Each carving began as a single log from Hawai'i's rare native hardwood.

Herb Kawainui Kane painted "Na Ali'i A Gathering of Chiefs," a 15' x 7' acrylic painting on gesso-grounded wood paneling. The painting depicts a summit meeting of chiefs of ancient Hawai'i, resplendent in ahu'ula (cloaks and capes) and mahi'ole (feathered helmets). Kamehameha wears a cloak entirely of yellow feathers (approximately 420,000), an emblem of supreme status as the king of Hawai'i Island.

Art Collection - The King Kamehameha Golf Club, Maui

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