Hawaiian Traditions

There are always two ends to a rainbow...and one can experience this while enjoying The King Kamehameha Golf Club, where the management and staff are committed to na mea Hawai'i (all things Hawaiian).

alterAt one end of the rainbow, there are perfectly landscaped fairways, professional and courteous service from staff, vibrant colors, fine food, and golf supplies at a well-appointed clubhouse. These are the "tangibles" that exist for one to enjoy. At the other end of the rainbow, however, are "intangibles" which create the perfect golf-cultural experience for members. All management and staff have undergone specialized familiarization classes relating to the culture and people of these islands.

Physically, golfers will be challenged to conquer what the greens and fairways of The King Kamehameha Golf Club offer. Spiritually, they will have unique opportunities to appreciate Hawaiian art commissioned exclusively for the Club, learn of the history of Waikapu, and perhaps spend a quiet moment of contemplation at the ahu (altar) that was erected at the entrance to pay tribute to the ancient chiefs of the area.

The King Kamehameha Golf Club understands that the integrity and support of the host culture and people are vital to providing a complete experience and weave it into every aspect of the Club.

Hawaiian Traditions - The King Kamehameha Golf Club, Maui

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